Le Phallus et le NEANT

Psychoanalysts and sexuality

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Welcome to the fourth dimension !

Most people see psychoanalysis as seeing someone to tell about oneself. It is an error, as meeting a therapist to evoke one’s existential torments is the leading principle of every field in psychology, psychotherapies and medical psychiatry. Psychoanalysis is different from psychotherapies, because it is based on a sexual theory coined by Sigmund Freud in the 20th century and developed in the 1960s by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

This sexual theory assigns a key role to sexuality in the onset of psychical disorders. Psychoanalysts see the unconscious as sexual and phallic for both genders. The content of this sexual theory is so politically incorrect that one cannot accept it as such. However, in spite of booming schools of thought, psychoanalysts recognize one another as psychoanalysts by adhering to unique underlying concepts:
"There is only phallus in the unconscious"; "Women do not exist"; "There is no sexual activity"; "A true woman exists only in psychosis"; "Women’s body is phallic" ; "Women express a hateful desire for revenge regarding penis"; "Every child expresses a desire for incest"; "Only perversion enables sexual activity".

What do they mean exactly, once they have been formulated in lay langage? Why did those strange ideas appear? How have they been developed? Which consequences do psychoanalysts give them on their current clients’ existential malaise beyond words?

As Freud was born in 1856, and Lacan was born in 1901, what is today’s freudo-lacanian psychoanalysis? Are the founding principles of psychoanalysis taught as such or adapted to our knowledge of scientific psychology, as well as changing moral values?

For the first time, thirteen renowned psychoanalysts have told the camera about the very politically incorrect dimension of their theories. Here is an enlightening movie featuring moments of truth!